Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jesus was the first "Occupy" Revolutionary

The ongoing Occupy Wall Street movement is the most significant manifestation of a popular revolt against the “powers that be” & the “status quo” …since the civil rights & anti war protests of the 1960s. Like its late 20th century cousin, Occupy (OWS) is an immaculate expression of our collective frustration with the corrupt nature of our political and economic systems.

The dysfunction of our political institutions is outrageously matched by the arrogance and downright gluttony of our financial institutions. Imagine the audacity of a government providing not only cover for the largest transfer of wealth from the many (99%), to the few (1%), in modern history… but a fiscal bail-out when the greedy financial institutions got caught with their pants down. In this regard, the OWS provided the public service of clearly (and relatively innocently) pointing out that “The emperor wears no clothes” both politically and fiscally.

To those inside the beltway, as well as those in Manhattan’s financial district, the “occupiers” are completely unfathomable. Imagine a politically amorphous group that purposely organizes and governs by consensus… that allows for a complex series of interrelated issues to be considered, rather than parroting a single sound-bite/issue. To the powers that be, unfortunately including the news media, the occupiers are a new and exotic species.

There is, however a historical if not mythological precedence for this outlandish behavior. We’re talking about the big JC, whose birthday will be celebrated across much of the planet. Remember tidings of great joy… Peace on Earth, goodwill toward man? Was it not Jesus who threw out the money changers from the temple?

In fact, it was Jesus who first utilized the now famous “call and response” method of public address, popularized by the occupiers. It just so happens that we have procured footage of Jesus using this mode of address just prior to his crucifixion in Nazareth.

Roll tape…

Correction: It has been brought to our attention that the man featured in the above footage is not Jesus, but rather another Messiah of the era known only as Brian. We can neither confirm nor deny such allegations… In fact, we cannot even confirm much of the acts attributed to Jesus. Much of the mythology surrounding JC may have been appropriated from the Persian deity, Mithras… or even the Egyptian sky deity, Horus.
As for us… we throw our hat in Santa’s ring! Regardless of competing dogmas, we at Tek-Gnostics wish you and yours a very merry solstice, and a happy new year!