Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eight Circuit Addendum

The following chart, the “Periodic Table of Evolution” is being provided herein as an addendum to the Eight Circuit model of Consciousness. A more thorough description of this system/tool can be found on our web-site...

The eight-circuit or "8 brain model" is a system/tool used for understanding the human nervous system and accelerating human consciousness. It was “popularized” or “westernized,” if you will, by the infamous Dr. Timothy Leary. Leary in turn received this information in the form of an obscure manuscript, penned by a Tantric Yoga Master in India, from a certain "Professor Adams." Leary's brilliance was in the integration of the Eastern Hindu and Tantric teachings with Western Psychology and Psychedelic inner exploration.

Imagine eight subtle spiraling wheels of energy, one above the other, tethered by a translucent chord of life-force or “chi” suspended and flowing through your body. This energy nexus extends hierarchically upward from the base of your spine, to the top of your scull. Each individual circuit represents a major behavior mode or center of consciousness, from basic survival instinct to extra-sensory perception and beyond.

The lower circuits model mundane human behaviors, while the higher circuits model a framework that transcends time and space. As suggested above, each of the eight circuits may be visualized as corresponding to the "Chakra" system taught by Hindu schools of thought. Circuit one through seven line up with the seven chakras localized in the earthling body. Circuit one equates to the "Muladhara" or base chakra, and so on. Although each circuit does not correspond exactly with the eastern teachings for each chakra, the analogy is a useful one for locating each of the first seven circuits within the earthling body.

Circuit eight is non-local... The curious are encouraged to investigate this system by following the hyperlinks provided above…
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