Friday, November 11, 2011

Triple Eleven

“The significance of recognizing the 11:11 signal as a manifestation of synchronicity (a meaningful coincidence in time of multiple events perceived to be similar if not identical) illustrates the deeply personal nature of these transmissions. This is a world-wide phenomenon, the experience of which began more than thirty years ago and continues to grow in numbers. In fact, our shared Global electronic archive system (aka: the world wide web) returns anywhere from 900 million to three billion results when 11:11 is searched on any of the major search engines.”

In the tumultuous times that we live in… it isn’t easy to accurately or fully appreciate the phenomenal degree of change that is occurring globally. One cannot see the effects of the whirlwind while being immersed within it. Forget for a moment the cosmic aspect. The socio-political change that is happening now, is incredible. Being part of the phenomenon skews our perspective as to just how quickly and completely the world is changing.

In time, we will look back at this era as being one of the most significant periods in our lifetimes, if not the entire millennium. But apparently, that is what the cyclic progression from the old millennium to the new is all about… epic change.

The 11:11 cosmic trigger is at once a metaphor for “being in the moment” with universe, and a personal verification or communication with universe. It’s the old “be here now” reminder. Any cosmic significance attributed to this trigger is completely justified because we are here now. We don’t need pixie dust to facilitate the magic… the magic is all around us… if we but have eyes to see.

Where the cosmic meets the practical is being identified by more and more of us daily. It is being expressed by the occupy movement and the anonymous persona. It is being expressed by the Arab Spring. It is being expressed by the dissatisfaction with the political status quo of folks like you and me around the globe. It is a culminating moment. The old world has been laid bare and the new world has yet to be defined… magic.

As we know, an important element in the current world change is communications technology. Internet… cellphone… facebook… twitter… all point toward personal autonomy as the new defining aspect of humanity. The old paradigm of top-down, institutional control is fast becoming obsolete. The time of the illuminati is over… the time of the illumined is upon us. In recognition of this fact, we present our “Declaration of Neuro-Autonomy”…

"When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for the individual to dissolve the tyrannical bands of coercive persuasion imposed by an antiquated dominator culture and to assume among the powers of universe the authority to which sentience entitles, a decent respect to the collective-conscious of humankind requires that the individual declare their right to neuro-autonomy.

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all terrans are created equal, that they are endowed by universe with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

On behalf of the future, we declare the contents of our mind and the capacity of our heart to be naturally independent of imposed media. We proceed with no greater authority than that with which liberty herself always issues. We recognize no higher allegiance than the natural communion between self and universe."

 - inspired by the writings of Thomas Jefferson, Terence McKenna & John Perry Barlow
So this day, November the Eleventh, 2011… three times eleven… becomes a global cosmic trigger. A planetary reminder to be here now and that we are all in this together. They say that good things come in threes. Let us all lend a hand to make it so…

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