Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seven Elephants in the Room

7 Elephants Now Thrashing Your Living Room - by Zen Gardener

According to the mass media fog machine, the following phenomena are really not worth reporting. In fact, by their omission they literally do not fully exist in people's minds but are just slight vague ephemeral illusions dancing on the fringe of their consciousness.

As many people say to this day... "If 9/11 was an inside job the media would have been all over it."

Conditioning complete.

Here They Come...Just 7 Of The Herd for Starters...

Elephant # 7... Marginalization Of Extra "Ordinary" Phenomena

What UFOs? 10's of thousands of sightings doesn't apparently mean squat if "official sources" don't acknowledge their existence. A secret space program and mega militarization of space? "C'mon, they couldn't hide something like that! And underground bases? That would be such a story the media would never ignore and surely someone would have spoken up about them."

Mind control? "Now who would do that to you but a demonic Asian in a POW camp? Get over it. It's not possible any more. I'm a free entity, there's no way they could pull that off. Pass the cool aid, honey, I'm thirsty.."

Funny, they talk about the technological capability to do things like these, and put out scores of movies on these subjects, but in order to apply it to your reality they've positioned themselves as the final authority on every subject. For example, that the wicked PTBs may be targeting the general population with mind control techniques, never mind manipulating thousands of actual Manchurian candidates around the world would seem crazy to most. Yet they know advertising works on this very basis.

But again, that's been cleverly camouflaged, excused and justified as "free enterprise". Clever little bastards, aren't they?

"And now those wackos are talking about secret societies, ritual child abuse and paedophilia amongst the elites? All that stuff's nonsense. Why the news man would laugh at all that, honey. I could tell by the smirk on his face not to believe all that stuff in that interview..."

And consciousness and extra-dimensional realities? That's relegated to "scientists" to package up and serve in some remote non-applicable sanitized fashion. Otherwise, you talk about that stuff and you're a new age paranoid conspiracy nut job.

Again, the false choice technique...neither option they give you is the Truth.

Ed. Note: A special "thank you" to Agent 87 for tipping us to this article...

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