Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Synchromystic “Cosmic Trigger” – Number 9

Number nine… number nine… number nine… number nine…
- From “Revolution 9” by the Beatles

Cultural Syncs
The imagery of a tattered Soap-Box Preacher on the street corner, holding a sign proclaiming “the end is near” is, of course, completely true on some level. The cycle of birth and death and the changing of the seasons… the life and reproductive cycle of “annuals” (those plants that complete their life cycle in one growing season)… the incredible and completely magical metamorphosis of the caterpillar to the butterfly… all mark cosmic cycles that recur anew each year. In this regard, the end is always near… as is the new beginning.

Ancient man conformed to the succession of the seasons with ritual and technology. Although epic cycles such as the agricultural age, followed by industrial age and proceeding to the current information age all mark evolving epochs, civilization has always danced to the rhythm of the seasons… the annual revolution around Sol. Ancient artifacts like Stonehenge accurately measured and delineated key transition days such as the solstice and the equinox.

These cyclic artifacts blend and overlap with other cultural world-views and artifacts of reckoning, such as the Mayan “long count” calendar. The long count was used to mark the procession of Mesoamerican epochs. The Mayan calendar has achieved recent (and conflicting) wide-spread popularity within segments of Earth’s population. Some envision a cataclysmic ending, an undefined immanentization of the eschaton. Others envision the beginning of a new epoch or “new age” on Earth.

I confess to a cynical bias toward the “new-agers.” I see them as suspiciously sanctimonious and more than a little woo-wooish (a “woo” is defined by some as a unit of measurement that assesses a quanta of pseudoscience… defined by others as “bullshit”). With that said, I acknowledge the 2012 phenomena as a pop cultural expression and a genuine manifestation of the completion of an epic cycle… the ending of an era. Certain artifacts, such as the Mayan calendar, reveal these cycles and act as “cosmic triggers” to raise awareness of them among the population.

Mediated Syncs
In order to get to the synchromystic cosmic triggers in question, a recap of current affairs is necessary: The time-frame in question begins with the tragic events of 9/11 and continues through a decade of war, followed by global economic crisis… the effect of which is still playing out… and finally leads up to the present “Occupy Wall Street” movement. This recap is a massive over-simplification of events, but it serves as a backdrop for the information of synchrony that has popped up in recent news media.

It is painfully clear that the first decade of the new millennium has generated significant amounts of shared angst for all of Earth’s citizenry, both politically and culturally. Emerging pattern recognition, triggered by the media’s coverage of current events has revealed symbols of cyclic change that have a distinct Synchromystic flavor. These symbols speak in the language of archetype… sparking connotations outside the realm of logic… conveying meaning that lurks on the fringe of reason, yet startles us awake as we begin to connect the dots.

The synchromystic “cosmic triggers” that revealed the cyclic trending of current affairs, hinting at the possible ending of an era “surfaced” in the form of the number nine. In Numerology, the number 9 is the last simple number and is therefore considered the number of finalization or completion before the cycle renews (ie: 9→10). In this regard, 9 completes the old cycle, while the number 10 represents the new beginning, the commencement of the new cycle.

So… synchromystically speaking… the number 9 suddenly started popping up everywhere within the media. The first 9 sync came to my attention several weeks ago and was reported on the evening news, concerning the republican presidential hopeful, Herman Cain and his 999 plan. Candidate Cain (also a sync to the Cain & Able myth… “am I my brother’s keeper?”) had proposed a flat tax of 9% to individuals, a flat tax of 9% to businesses… and a 9% national sales tax… hence 9-9-9. It was not Cain’s plan, but the 9 that caught my attention. This sync brought to light political and cyclic connotations around the 2012 elections and the economy.

The first trigger was followed by a second sync that took the form of the “We are the other 99%” slogan being flashed at the many “occupy” events, first in New York City, then across the USA and the world. Here, the 9 represents everybody except the 1% wealthiest plutocrats. The popular opinion is that we are all being fleeced by powers-that-be from NYC’s financial district… that the US government “bailed-instead-of-jailed” the banks and bankers (read: criminals) of Wall Street. The intent of the occupiers of Wall Street was to shed light on the real culprits behind the economic melt-down.

The third 9 sync came in the form of a PBS show, [I]ndependentlens… that did an episode called “Wham! Bam! Islam! The episode was about a comic book project, titled… The 99.”  The comic book series chronicles 99 superheroes with roots in Islam and Islamic culture, each one exemplifying one of the 99 attributes of Allah. The concept of the 99 is to exemplify the Islamic virtues of compassion, understanding, and tolerance… qualities not often associated with Islam by the West… in the superhero format. This third sync merged the “War on Terror” with the superhero mythos that is currently percolating within the sync-o-sphere.

Many of you are familiar with the work of Christopher Knowles, specifically his book: “Our Gods Wear Spandex” in which the mythos of the superhero is examined as a modern depiction of the mythological diety archetype.

Needless to say… these syncs resonate on many levels for those who delve in the synchromystic realm. This last decade has been dominated by the “War on Terror” …the financial bailout of “Wall Street” …and the media circus that is American politics. The synchromystic practitioner might examine the pertinent memes presented by the media and extract meaningful coincidences… collective unconscious signals that arise from the overriding information stream. Within this context, certain patterns emerge.

Bearing in mind that you cannot separate the observer from the observed, the multiple number 9 signals point, from my perspective, to the conclusion of a major cycle… the end of an era. This end of an era meme was also transmitted with the passing of Apple’s Steve Jobs. On the day that Mr. Jobs’ death was announced, President Obama was trying to sell his “jobs” Bill to the American Public. The news media proclaimed Obama’s Bill to be… dead on arrival.

Death being the ultimate expression of cyclic transition, it did not take a great conceptual leap to symbolically equate the death of Mr. Jobs… idealized by industrial America as the epitome of the successful CEO… with the death of “jobs” in America. It seems clear that the number of traditional jobs lost in this country cannot be fully replaced by any new economy that arises. Significantly, the persistent 9% unemployment rate in America is indicative of the fact that this country’s manufacturing base was sold out decades ago, to be replaced with a service economy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a service economy is doomed to fail without the value-added foundational support of a manufacturing economy.

Revolution 9
It is no wonder that the networking warriors of “Occupy Wall Street” felt compelled to take a bite out of the big apple. Their consciousness tells them that not only is there fundamental inequity in the distribution of wealth… not only are the perpetrators of fiscal debacle getting off scot free… but that the very foundation… moral, ethical and spiritual… of the western system is bankrupt.

This is truly the end of an era. The pundits are worried about a global recession… if only it were that simple. The old paradigm is done… stick a fork in it. What is to come… is still in flux. This is what those who occupy NYC’s financial district are grappling with. The Mayan long count calendar ends on Dec. 21, 2012… events of the world seem to be coinciding very closely with the Mayan system… synchronicity. Cycles are concluding… systems are winding down… as seen from many different perspectives.

One point: I do not subscribe to any “end of the world” scenario. I choose not to put energy in any apocalyptic armageddon. Quite the opposite... I place my creative energy in participating in the manifestation of what comes next. For as surely as one cycle ends… another begins. When one door is closed, another is opened. We can make the new paradigm anything we can imagine… this time around. The revolution that some fear and some hope for… is just that… another turn of the wheel. Wheels within wheels. In the words of the old Beatles tune: Revolution 1… “Don’t you know It’s gonna be… alright!     

Meanwhile, the world keeps turning… and we continue to keep alert… stay awake… keep watching the symbols… keep your lovelight trimmed and burning.