Sunday, September 18, 2011


It is both a blessing and a curse to be born on Earth as a sentient domesticated primate. Living in this world… but not “of this world” is the eternal Gnostic dilemma. One is constantly being pulled in many directions from the moment one emerges from mother’s womb. One’s attention is called upon by a myriad of “pressing issues” from the minute the eyes open each morning. Whether it’s the anticipation of the events of the busy day, the headlines of the morning paper, a CNN news flash or a twitter update… the world calls.

What a temptation it is to answer that call… to dive in and immerse one’s self in the realm of the intellect. It is the intellect that is the vehicle of the world… the interface, if you will. This is a most necessary survival mechanism that insures continuance upon the Earthly realm. As important as the events of the day are… their collective impact only represents half of the Earthling’s Gnostic dilemma.

All that presses humanity to action on a daily basis, all of the social, political, environmental and humanitarian issues that arise are all aspects of “living in this world.” They do not address the balancing factor of the spark of divinity within each human that “is not of this world.” This counter balance to intellect, this spark… is the direct connection to infinity… to eternity… to universe. It is the communion with the source, to that which must remain nameless.

Countering intellect as a mechanism of being in this world, infinity’s vehicle is meditation. To meditate is to interface with that which must remain nameless. Be clear that there are as many facets to meditation as there are to intellect. Meditation is simply an avenue to communion. It is a means to quite the chatter of the world. There are as many unique ways to meditative communion as there are humans.

A most advantageous moment to counter the allure of the world is also when one first opens one’s eyes in the morning. This is a golden opportunity, while still in between the realms of sleep and wakefulness, to take a moment to just be. Listen to the quiet…

The disciplined human might pursue a meditative activity such as zazen or yoga… but any contemplative notion will do. That first sip of tea in the morning may be the cosmic trigger to connect one with the infinite. What is important is being mindful of the divine spark within and the balancing power of connecting to it. Even the intention of such a practice brings one closer to that which cannot be named. Interestingly, only a few moments of communion dramatically improves one’s ability to take on the events of the day. One’s kinship with that which is not of this world, augments one’s ability to participate in it. In this way, one aspect services the other…


  1. I/eye have been a witness to Jack Hearts understanding and compassionate being. This post has a huge resonance for me. I will consider this example as one of the finest in the synchrosphere. The goodness and heart is what it is all about. Time has come today! A load and a cup of tea, hell yes! Denzo from Culp Creek. Shine forth brave souls!

  2. Intention/projection/transference/prayer will create 8 fold circuits of infinity ingrained in the soul of beings of a human nature. Shine!