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Mondo's Conspiracy Issue
Hello, hello, are we asleep again? Are we nodding off at the wheel as we trundle down the data superhighway? As CompuServe hails a "New World Order" of "altered ideologies" and ecofascist Al Gore unveils his Trojan Horse data superhighway designed to trap millions of cognitive dissidents into revealing their interests and knowledge online to NSA digital snoops. Don't you realize PGP really means Pretty Good Prison? That deep-cover NSA datacops have been behind it all along? We live in interesting times. Did you know that the mars Observer was shut down when it sent back pictures of pyramids and cities? Or that Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, scheduled to impact Jupiter on July 22, 1994 is really the ultimate doomsday "Alternative 3" scenario of the New World Order? And if that doesn't fry your synapses how about the Office of Naval Intelligence and the DIA's massive cover ELF weather-and mind-control war amongst Russia, Japan, France, and Israel, creating massive floods, earthquakes, cancer, AIDS, and other plagues in the process?

Remember, when you wake up agitated at 3:00 in the morning, that's when they're running ELF transmitters to program your dreams. It's also the time when most UFOs appear - quelle coincidence! Let me explain: They send out subliminal signals over all radio and TV channels and use microwave antennas to beam instructions via ELF modulation into your heads to reinforce hypnotic screen memories of alien doctors in spaceships, when they're actually Franken- steinian Nazi scientists running bizarre eugenics experiments in underground tunnels created by massive subterreaning machines which are the cause of the slowly moving hum you hear underground in Taos and other parts of the South- west.

Pirate Mind Station
But you don't have to have an intranasal brain implant to be under their control. Hemisync tone sequences, subliminal instructions, reverse-speech hidden messages, magnetic signals, infrasonics, ultrasonics (like Hitler) are all part of the total panoply. And throw away your Synchro-Energizer: the CIA programs mind-machine circuitry to create zombie automatons. In- fact, the entire candybrain New Age movement, invented by LSD-monger Willis Harman under directions from the British Tavistock Institute in London, is a massive MI6-controlled deception operation designed to hypnotize millions and convert them into slaves to the New World Order. Gurus are operatives duped by hypnosis and taught occult magic tricks by the Illuminati who formed the Thule Society which programmed Hitler and the Nazi Star Wars Dr.Stranglelove Wernher von Braun and psychofascist Werner Erhard and Oscar Ichazo. Incidentally, Oscar's daddy was Brazil's war minister and Oscar used Arica mind-control techniques to convert Esalen into a New World Order training camp, working with Willis Harman of the notorious Stanford Research Institute (which runs the Internet). Chief propagandist for the Aquarian Conspiracy, he proclaimed in Global Mind Change that "the only way for the U.S. to regain moral leadership" was to focus on the Illuminati-designed Great Seal (on all U.S. paper money). By these signs shall ye know them: the Orb and Compass, the Eye and Pyramid.

Have you figured it out yet? OK, let me spell it out for all you pathetic autists: They know exactly which ELF frequencies, waveforms, and code sequences (brainwave-frequency region pulse-code modulation superimposed widely on power lines, radio, TV, and microwave transmissions) to use and can create any emotion or pathology they please. You don't. And you probably down own a real ELF detector! You poor bleating sheep don't even know they're ALREADY using ELF generators in malls, restaurants, and bars to maximize throughput and revenues - even magnetizing fans in air conditioners and refrigerators to create pulsed ELF waves to zap you. It will all be duly captured by Hillary's SmartCard which will store your brainwaves and monitor all transactions everywhere you go, so the Thought Police can download it any old time via the data superhighway and issue the ultimate ACCESS DENIED. By the way, you can't escape ELF - there's no way to shield low-frequency magnetic waves - but I'll reveal secret techniques for defending yourself in the next MONDO... unless they get to me first.

Issue # 11
- Xandor Korzybski

Editors Note: The above was originally published in 1993, as featured on the end page of "Mondo 2000" - Issue 11 # (copyright 1993). Those were fun times, when the digital revolution was in it's infancy, ripe with possibilities and the US government still appeared to cling to a vestige of sanity and legitimacy. Bill Clinton had just been inaugurated in January of '93 and the future looked so bright, we had to wear shades...

The question is... given all that has transpired since then... do Xandor's rants still hold up? We strongly recommend that the reader climb up into the attic and dust off those old copies of Mondo 2000 and re-read Xandor's editorials... They are very entertaining and, we think, still educational. 

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