Friday, July 29, 2011

Tek-Gnostics "POP Future" update

"Everything is under control"

The modern Domesticated Primate’s experience of their world is, to an ever increasing extent, being mediated by various information technologies. Print, the telephone, motion pictures, television, the internet, cell phones and most recently social media have all “come between” the modern world citizen and their desired data. These vessels of information deliver our “content” with ever increasing immediacy. As this content is now instantly made available, attention turns to those in control of modern media.

The media, communications and advertising industries alike are suspect in that they dictate the content being delivered to the public. Media moguls control the content but are in turn influenced by advertising agencies that, along with their clients, bankroll the media industry. Although each company or agency controls their individual output, it is the collective output that is significant, as advertising is dependant upon mass appeal to be effective. In the words of Marshall McLuhan... the medium is the message… a medium itself, not the content it carries, becomes the focus of study.

Close examination of the combined collective output of modern media tells us much about our global citizenry. It reveals trends in how we think, feel and react to events of consequence in our world. Indeed, it illuminates collective characteristics of our consensual reality… our collective consciousness. Realization of these trends allow us to sharpen our predictive faculties in contemplating the future.

By examining trends in the media for purposes of prediction, we place emphasis on a popular or “Pop Future”...