Sunday, June 26, 2011

Synchromystic Widget Taps the Collective Unconscious

There is no doubt as to the profound effect that the creation, expansion and wide spread utilization of the World Wide Web has had on human earthlings. The web is much more than a mere computer network, however. This exponentially expanding network of constantly connected humanity is instrumental in hastening a global consciousness, participated in by millions of users daily. It has become the collective consciousness of the planet.

One intriguing and esoteric aspect of the World Wide Web consciousness has been the development of predictive forecasting software, aka: fortune-telling technology…

One such device is the webbot project, which claimes to be able to predict future events by tracking keywords entered on the Internet. Launched in 1997, the webbot project uses a technique called “Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis” (ALTA) developed by Clif High to generate a predictive report, based upon internet chatter… certain words of which are assigned numeric values for emotional quantifiers such as duration, impact, immediacy, and intensity.

Another such example is the 2008 start-up company, Recorded Future, which uses a “Temporal Anilitics Engine”… a software application which analyzes patterns in the past, present and presumed future. Recorded Future’s linguistic and statistical algorithm engine extracts time-related information and through temporal reasoning, they structure the unstructed… they forecast the probable.

In keeping with the above, Tek-Gnostics has developed a Synchromystic Oracle widget that taps into the collective unconsciousness that is the World Wide Web. We postulate that the World Wide Web may be used as an oracle, or divinatory tool, similar to the I-Ching or the Tarot. Put more precisely, the internet may be used as a reflective instrument whereby one’s question may be considered in the context of a specific website, accessed randomly by the seeker. The essence of this exercise lay in the scrutiny of the synchromystic moment in space-time where the contemplation and the action occur.

The mechanics are quite simple… the user contemplates a question and clicks on the widget. The widget itself is a random page generator (with kudos to Yahoo!). Results should be measured by the epiphany of the perceived synchronicity. The element to be alert to… and mindful of… is your immediate reaction to the sites accessed and the patterns that emerge. The instantaneous reaction (both emotional and intellectual) to the search reveals the user’s intuitive understanding of their emerging pattern recognition.

Access the Tek-Gnostic Synchromystic Oracle by following the link below…

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