Monday, March 21, 2011

To Japan, with Love...

Greater hearts and minds than I have commented upon the natural and man-made disaster that has befallen our brothers and sisters living in the Japanese archipelago. I too offer my prayers, such as they are, for the resiliency of the land and those living upon it… May the aftermath of the earthquake, tsunami and resulting nuclear contamination be survived and the damages overcome. May we all come away from the disaster with the strength to carry on and the wisdom not to repeat our mistakes. With love and respect… In the name of the Mother & the Sun & the Holy Ghost... amen.

One of the things that struck me as odd… in watching the media coverage of the disaster… was how consistently the conversation turned away from the events, to the question: could this happen here? Could the nuclear power-plants in the US withstand a similar disaster? What would such a catastrophe mean to us… if it happened here?

Guess what, dearly beloved? It did happen here… in the Japanese archipelago. It did happen to us… we’re all in this together. Earth is but a small miracle of soil, fire, water and sky… of blood, sweat and tears… orbiting the sun… in a delicate dance of life.

What happens to my brothers and sisters here on Earth… happens to me.

What follows is a message from those much wiser than myself…

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