Friday, February 25, 2011

Egypt, sacred geometry & the eight-brain model

In his book entitled “Nothing in this book is True, but it’s Exactly how things Are,” Bob Frissell relates how his teacher, Drunvalo is contacted by an entity named Thoth… and is educated in the ways of sacred geometry. According to Thoth, sacred geometry is the morphogenic structure behind reality itself. Of all the geometric shapes Thoth showed Drunvalo, the flower of life was the penultimate. Thoth told Drunvalo he would find this image in Egypt.

The Flower of Life symbol at Abydos, Egypt
Soon thereafter, a friend returning from a trip to Egypt gave him a picture that contained the flower of life depicted on the wall of a structure about 6,000 years old, located in one of the oldest temples ever discovered in Egypt. The image is called “the flower of life” because its replica originates in a tree. Think of a fruit tree: as it grows, it flowers and then fruits. The fruits fall, and in each one a thousand seeds, and each seed has in it the image of the tree.

Contained within the geometry of the flower of life is all of creation. In his book, Frissell proceeds to draw parallels between the flower of life and Metatron’s cube… Pythagoras and the five Platonic solids…

“In the ancient schools of Egypt and Atlantis these five shapes plus the sphere were also categorized from another point of view. The ancient schools viewed the elements fire, earth, water, air, water and ether as having protean shape. The shapes of the elements corresponded to the Platonic solids as follows: the tetrahedron is fire, the cube is earth, the octahedron is air, the icosahedron is water and the dodecahedron is ether or prana.”

…he also ties in the star tetrahedron, or “Merkaba” as a geometrical set of patterns… a vortice of energy that surrounds the human body and is in effect a space-time vehicle. Once you know how to activate these fields, claims Frissell, you can use your merkaba to travel throughout the universe literally at the speed of thought.

In addition to ancient Egypt, Thoth, Pythagoras, Plato and Metatron’s cube… Frissell brings in another historic visionary in reference to sacred geometry… Leanardo da Vinci. In his famous drawing “Proportions of the Human Body,” da Vinci articulates sacred geometry and demonstrates the Pi ratio (1.6180339). It is during Frissell’s exploration of da Vinci’s geometry within his drawing that a most interesting parallel is raised concerning the eight by eight grid and one of our favorite topics… the eight-brain model

“Going back to da Vinci’s sketch, we note that he drew lines on the body… on the arms in various places, on the knees, in the center, and in the chest, neck, etc… If you extend these lines you will create an eight-by-eight grid or sixty-four squares. The eight spirals of energy around the human body are based on the Fibonacci sequence. These spirals of energy come in and focus in the eight squares that surround the four central squares”

As in our eight-brain model, Frissell identifies this eight-by-eight grid with the chakra system within the body…

“The harmonics of music and our body’s chakra system are related to this geometrical pattern. The eight-point chakra system described by Drunvalo resembles the movement of the eight notes on the musical scale. The chakras start at the base of the spine and move up over the head. This, according to Drunvalo, is a Hindu or Tibetan system.”

“The chakras are like lenses through which we interpret reality. For example, when a new spirit is born its total concern is with survival – being able to stay here on this third-dimensional level. The next thing the spirit wants to do is make physical contact with other beings. Once you have established yourself and made sexual contact, establishing control follows. These represent the first three chakras from the bottom up. Once you get through you are at the heart which is the forth chakra in this system.”
“The fifth is located at the throat and is related to music, the sixth, between the eyes, is related to geometry, and the seventh, located at the pineal gland, is the “third eye.” This takes us to the eighth chakra which is above the head and points to our next phase in our conscious evolution.”

Just as in the above account by Frissell, Drunvalo, et al… Timothy Leary also borrowed his eight-brain or eight-circuit model from ancient Hindu sacred texts. Although Leary received credit for an ingenious "8 circuit/24 stage" model of evolution, he did not originate the theory. However, he did do an excellent job of expanding, popularizing and "Westernizing" the concept… the most important suite of ideas which Leary received credit for during his lifetime was actually the intellectual property of a little known Hindu Tantric regimen.

The amalgamation of eastern and western mystery traditions has it’s roots in the cultural cross-pollination that occurred along the silk road trading route, dating as far back in time as 100 B.C. Leary’s integration of the Eastern Hindu and Tantric teachings with Western Psychology and Psychedelic inner exploration is but a recent example of a time-honored tradition.

The information that is presented by Drunvalo, while unique in many ways, has symmetry to the Eight Circuit model of consciousness. The sixty-four grid also brings up the associations to the 64 I-Ching system… the 64 square chess board… the 64 DNA codons, etc.


Anonymous said...

Great post!

It caught my attention with the mention of Drunvalo. I first read about Drunvalo Melchizedek more than ten years ago and had nearly forgotten a lot of the valuable information he had on his Flower of Life website. In fact, that is where I first learned of the Platonic solids and Metatron's Cube.

This post proves to me that all of our information is evolving over time to perfection. Thanks for refreshing my memory on some great information.

In fact last summer I did some research into ancient Jewish texts that suggested that Metatron was not merely a "strong Angel" recorded both in the Jewish texts and the Christian Bible book of Revelations but also it was believed that he was the former earthly Old Testament prophet Elijah...the One and only human to be taken into the heavens by fiery chariot (of God). Jewish texts describe Metatron as the Being one would encounter upon entering the Heavens. He is also described as being immense in height...several thousand miles tall!

Again, great post and a great refresher for me. I also remember that Drunvalo's merkaba sprang from the chakra at the base of the spine and I always liked to consider it as a personal swift kick Rear-end scooter!


Dennis said...

Hail the eitht fold path.Dennis

Anonymous said...

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