Friday, November 12, 2010

Illuminati Launches Mystery Rocket (Updated)

California missile launch mystery followed by New York rocket mystery, people puzzled. Pentagon stumped by California mystery missile

A mysterious contrail was captured on camera by a news helicopter, which was taping footages of sunset. The video clip of the unexplained trail spread on the Web like fire, lifting up speculations that some unidentified organization was behind the missile launce. The media reporters, who recorded the contrail, had quickly approached some aerospace experts to seek suggestions on it. It seems that some experts told them it was originated from a missile-like object without much research on the trail’s nature.

Tuesday morning, the Pentagon and the North American Aerospace Defense Command were investigating video shot by a news helicopter operated by CNN affiliate KCBS/KCAL showing an ascending orange-colored contrail high into the atmosphere, officials said. A contrail is the visible vapor trail behind airplanes or rockets traveling at high altitudes.

The Federal Aviation Administration, the Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, and California Reps. Dana Rohrabacher and Jane Harman -- whose coastal districts are closest to the offshore contrails -- were at a loss to explain the images.

A U.S. Northern Command official who didn't want to be identified said the Pentagon is unable to explain images of what witnesses took to be a high-altitude rocket launched off the coast of southern California at sunset on Monday.

Meanwhile, a report said another newsman recorded a similar phenomenon over Manhattan on Thursday evening. The clip showed that a baffling bizarre object streaking across the skyline. It was clearly visible in the video itself that it was not come from a missile or rockets.

Our own investigative reporter, Jack Heart has been on this story and filed the following comments…

A possible answer to this mystery could be that those rascally Illuminati are at it again, flexing their alien muscle. It has long been thought that they have been developing extra-terrestrial technology and are pursuing their own nefarious space program.

On the other hand, it may be the anti-illuminati group known as the “legion of dynamic discord” combating whatever sinister scheme the illuminati have up their sleeves. Given the fact that the mystery rocket appeared to have been fired from open water, it may have been launched from Hagbard Celine’s infamous golden submarine, the Leif Ericson.
What ever the real answer is… be it some black-ops operation, the illuminati, the LDD, or simply a contrail from a passing airliner… one thing is certain. The truth is stranger than fiction. Keep your eye on the sky…

Rumors began circulating on the Internet during the weekend of November 13th alleging that the mysterious contrail was from a missile launched from a Chinese Jin class nuclear submarine that had snuck into our coastal waters and that the news media along with the Pentagon were covering up the story.  These forwarded emails contained text from an article by Washington D.C. based investigative journalist Wayne Madsen along with photos that appeared on a page from the web site of nationally syndicated radio host Alex Jones based out of Austin, TX.   The article said the "Chinese decided to demonstrate to the United States its capabilities on the eve of the G-20 Summit in Seoul and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Tokyo, where President Obama is scheduled to attend during his ten-day trip to Asia." has not found any evidence to support their claims.

Curiouser and curiouser...