Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tek-Gnostic Expedition

Call to Adventure
The Tek-Gnostics Electronic Mystery School is hereby extending an open invitation to all intrepid travelers who have found their way to our doors. We are making preparations to embark upon a grand adventure of exploration and discovery. We will be traveling into the uncharted, ever shifting sands of cyberspace on an unprecedented quest into the unknown. Although our quest begins within the virtual walls of the Tek-Gnostics Monastery, there is no telling where (or when) we will end up. There is however one promise that is given. Our expedition will definitively and conclusively answer humanity’s ultimate question... the only question worth asking.

Just what is this question you may ask? For now… contemplate the possibilities of what might be humanity’s prime quandary. What is being asked now… what has been asked throughout the ages? What has confounded the greatest minds down through the centuries? What have Earth’s oldest institutions striven in vain to answer? We will reveal humanity’s definitive question at the first stage of our journey… at our base camp, if you will.

Grand Competition
The first step in our journey, the first mystery to be solved… is in finding our base camp. For becoming a member of this expedition requires the solving of riddles, the following of clues, the use of deductive reasoning, the application of logic… and luck. The nature of our expedition is that of a competition amongst and between our participants. The challenge lies in the solving of a series of increasingly ingenious puzzles... puzzles that must be solved by each member of our expedition, in order for them to advance. This contest becomes a race to be the first to solve each puzzle, thereby gaining advantage in progressing to the next step (level) of the journey.

For those of you who are adventurous enough to take the challenge, to pick up the gauntlet, here is your first clue. The adventure begins within the virtual tour of the Tek-Gnostics Monastery, found here…

Hidden somewhere on the tour is a secret portal wherein the adventure begins. Finding this portal will require you to fully explore the many locations along the tour. Who knows what shadowy alcoves you must inspect, what lever you will need to pull, to reveal the secret door? Once you find and access the secret portal, you will be transported to our base camp. Here you will be briefed on the nature of the quest, as well as be given the first clue toward solving the ultimate question of humanity. There will be many perils on our adventure… and many rewards.

Hidden Treasure
We fully expect to unearth treasures along our path. Some expected… some unforeseen. As an example of the treasures we know of… we will be awarding prizes, such as free membership to our advanced guild, with full access to our inner teachings, as well as our members-only database and downloads… to those who are the first to solve specific puzzles along the way. The further along the path you travel, the more excellent (and more esoteric) the rewards. And finally, for those intrepid travelers who stay with the expedition to journey’s end… the answer to humanity’s ultimate question.

So there you have it… the adventure begins now. Once you decide to embark upon our expedition, the manner in which you proceed is up to you. You may decide to travel alone… meeting the dangers and reaping the rewards by your own wits. You may choose to travel in the company of others… cooperating and sharing in the adventure. The decision is in your hands. For in the final analysis… the road that each of us travels upon… is our own.

Good luck, dear traveler… We’ll see you at our base camp… and throughout the journey…