Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holographic reality and the Universal Mind

Palma Bellardoni over at Buddha Trance has posted a very succinct article linking material reality to consciousness. All of physical reality is essentially nothing but holographic interference patterns projected by consciousness. The interference is the pattern created by crossing waves, much like the rings produced by a pebble thrown in the water...

“The theory that the Universe is a giant hologram, projecting what we call reality from the stream of Universal Consciousness, which contains all the encoded information, leaves us wondering on how physical reality comes into being. The idea that reality as we perceive it to be is an illusion of the Mind, has brought some branches of modern science closer to the view of ancient eastern philosophies.”

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  1. Sensei, thank you for mentioning my post! The idea of reality being a holographic construct of the Mind is quite intriguing, and the more one looks at the implications of such construct, the more the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. :-)