Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tek-Gnostics Creation Myth

In the beginning, Universe was empty. Suddenly… Universe became aware of itself! The awareness took form as a word & the word was… “Sweet”!

Instantaneously, Universe thought… “It could be sweeter”… and the first do-over came into existence. With the first do-over came the second thought… “It could be sweeter still”… and the first routine came into existence. With the first routine, time was born. With each subsequent redo, Universe got better and better… and evolution was born.

This is how it stands today… Universe is still sweet… routine still seems familiar and time has become one thing after another! Also…universe continues to evolve.

What conclusion can we draw from this eloquent tale?


In an evolving universe, he who stands still, moves backwards! He who keeps stillness within his heart, exclaims… sweet!

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