Reality Selection at the Edge of the Gravity Well

Beware of what you wish... for it will surely come true

We are all greater artists than we realize... Our ability to create our own reality is as tangible as our ability to create art. Like art, personal reality creation is a subjective process. One cannot separate the creator from the created. We are what we think. Consensual reality, simply put, is what we all (everyone & everything on the planet) agree is real. What our reality is comes down to what we agree to believe.

Some folks believe that our perception of the world is best described as some kind of a cosmic joke played on us by ancient creation tricksters. Our need to find some rationale for our existence is the set-up. Our attempts to explain our existence is the punch-line. The trickster tradition has been honored throughout time, from Coyote to the Merry Pranksters. This world view tends toward a playful experience of reality.

Others believe in a darker, more sinister version of reality. One that is more conspiratorial in nature. Secret chiefs pulling global strings to hasten the eschaton , or "End of the World" as we know it. It goes by many names... Dooms Day, Armageddon, 2012... Whatever the name, they all turn out the same. The various gloom and doom scenarios all seem to be fueled by a combination of uncertainty of the future and fear of what that future may bring.

Presently, a large percentage of the American public believes the future is what they see on television. If they saw it on Fox, it must be so. All the propaganda they have been spoon-fed by the networks seems to make sense... right? Bill O’Reilly wouldn't lie to us, would he? The networks wouldn’t put market share and profits over intelligent, responsible journalism, would they?

A few of us (more every day) believe our experience of the world is what we make it, both figuratively and literally. If we have the focused desire and the appropriate knowledge and artifacts at our disposal, we can create our own future. The Universe is necessarily perfect. Human earthlings, possessing free will, can put whatever spin on reality we desire, positive or negative. The choice, quite literally, is ours. The time, energy and quality we put into reality selection will, in part, determine the outcome.

What is imperative at this critical crossroad of our global civilization is the choice we make in creating our consensual reality. The responsibility of “tipping the scale” toward a peaceful, harmonious future, for all earthlings, falls upon the collective conscious among us. We must proceed from a place within ourselves of understanding, critical discernment and love for our self, our co-creators and the planet. Mass consumption of ideas generated by Madison Avenue is a paradigm that has outlived its usefulness.

What is called for is the gnostic approach to personal reality management. The power and the magic of self interaction with universe to co-create our near future. We can do this. We need to do this. The time has come on our small planet where we no longer consider race, nationality, gender or economic status, but what qualitative solution we bring to the present moment, and how to implement it. The future is here… We are it… We are on our own.


I completely agree, Sensei. The old paradigm, of constructing our reality based on externally-imposed thought-forms, is over. It really is up to each one of us to decide what to accept as real - and to keep searching until we find a paradigm that resonates. One for the all, and all for the one. Peace to you
Jack Heart said…

Being social entities, we must look at the new paradigm in terms of consensual reality. After all… this is a shared reality. One for the all, and all for the one, indeed…

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