Monday, January 12, 2009

Leary’s Eucharist

Here is a nice little synchronistic tidbit for fans of Timothy Leary and his sacrament from the sixties…

The webzine 10 zen monkeys posted a interview with the editor of a collection of writings by Timothy Leary entitled: “Leary on Drugs” in December, 08

Although the title is clear on what “the hook” of the promotional aspect of the book is, the interviewer was impressed with Leary’s lucidity. Of special note is the reference to Leary’s intuitive understanding of the importance of the 64 codons of DNA (which equates to his work on the eight brain model) and it’s correlation with evolutionary psychology.

But what is the synchronistic tidbit you ask? The editor’s name… Hassan I. Sirius. The Synchromystics love their Dog Star!

- Sensei

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