Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tek-Gnostics & the wheel of Dharma – Pt 2

Definitive vs Provisional Meaning

“In the third turning of the Dharma wheel, Buddha made the distinction between the ultimate meaning of the Dharma and the commonly held, interpretive meaning”

This concept is illuminated most eloquently in the core teachings found in the tek-gnostic papers. In the first passage, manifest universe (matrix) is described as the fundamental model of duality inherent in physical universe. The interface between human and universe is illustrated (and can be achieved!) in this passage. Note the use of the word “desire”…

Rid yourself of desire in order to realize Universal mystery.
Allow yourself to have desire in order to experience Universal manifestation.
These two are essentially the same, but diverge in the naming.

Mystery upon Mystery...

The gateway to Tek-Gnosis.

By ridding one’s self of desire, or quieting the mind, one can realize definitive meaning of the wheel of dharma. That is, to become one with that which shall remain un-named.
By allowing desire, one can experience provisional meaning of existence, or “being of the world” as it is sometimes referred. This is lovingly demonstrated as “chopping wood and carrying water” by the Tek-Gnostic traveler…

It is desirable to bear in mind that life is a process… an adventure... Wisdom, insight and fun are gained in the journey, not in the destination. Every time that wheel turn round… bound to cover just a little more ground!

Peace… - Sensei
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