Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Auspicious Beginning

The following is one of the many selections from the essential teachings of Tek-Gnostics. Though modernized, they are ancient in origin. They consist of a number of concise, lucid passages that cut to the bone of earthling existence. The core transmission is one of wisdom in action through non-action.

Creative Emptiness.

Are you capable of being like the empty vessel? The un-carved Block? Then Read on...

When traveling, the Tek-Gnostic leaves no traces;
When speaking, makes no slips;
When reckoning, uses no calculator.
The Tek-Gnostic interacts, yet abandons no one...
Utilizes, yet abandons nothing.This is known as being insightful.
The Tek-Gnostic is the teacher of the student.
The student is the material the Tek-Gnostic works with.
Not to value the teacher & the material is foolish indeed.
Knowing this is the essence of Tek-Gnostics.
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