Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Eightfold Key to Thelemic Magick

In my recent explorations of the cyber-realm, I came across this most-interesting diagram. Having recently been re-working and expanding upon my own narrative concerning the Eightfold Model of Consciousness… this diagram, and its associated article, entitled: UNUS DEUS: THE EIGHTFOLD KEY TO THELEMIC MAGICK …caught my eye. As such, I found the synchronistic timing of “happening upon” this little diagram, when I did… to be more than a coincidence. 

Thelema is a philosophical system made popular by none other than “Uncle Al" Crowley. His infamous “Law of Thelema” states:  "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law... Love is the law, love under will." In my youth, I first came across Aleister Crowley on the cover of The Beatles album: Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Thus began a long series of investigations and research. Those not familiar with Crowley and/or Thelema, need only search the internet, for hours of interesting reading. But I digress…

As mentioned earlier, I have been working on a project that explores what I refer to as the “Law of Eights.” Seemingly divergent disciplines such as philosophy, mathematics and music demonstrate similarity in their eightfold organization. Consequently, in studying the Law of Eights, an overarching synchronistic principle arose, as if of its own accord. More on this, in future posts.

Whenever examples of synchronicity bubble up to the surface from one’s unconsciousness, it is advisable to take notice. However, it is not always initially clear exactly what these synchronous events point to. As readers of this blog know, synchronicity is not subject to the temporal laws of space/time, per se… but is rather atemporal... influenced or affected by meaning. The beauty of synchronicity is that like-minded individuals, regardless of proximity, often co-experience, appreciate and share in the unfolding of meaning, within the synchronous event. These “cosmic triggers” often require multiple user’s attention, to more fully interpret the event. Different individuals may hold different pieces of the puzzle, as it were.

It is in the spirit of synchronicity that I present this diagram, herein. Consider it and this post an invitation to partake in synchronicity. It caught my attention, for reasons that are not altogether clear... perhaps it will tickle your synchronicity receptors, as well. I am sure that many of you hold unique pieces to this puzzle. If this post sparks the experience of synchronicity, or otherwise acts as a cosmic trigger… please let me know in the comments section.  

As to the diagram, the following excerpt is from the afore-mentioned article. I have also included a link to the article, below…

This essay is intended to serve as an explication for the symbols & ideas synthesized in the diagram which heads this article. This image combines the various ideas that are to be discussed and, by the end of reading this article, you should ideally be able to understand why everything in this image is there. The main thesis is that this “Eightfold Key” represents a way to unlock a certain understanding of certain rituals, symbols, and ideas in Thelemic magick.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

VISUP: Citizens Councils, Psychological Warfare and the 23/17 Phenomenon

VISUP: Citizens Councils, Psychological Warfare and the 23/17 Phenomenon

Follow the above link for some intriguing and thought provoking reading, over at one of our favorite sites: VISUP... "dedicated to exploring the vast Fortean realms of mind control, deep politics, sacred geometry, onomatology and synchronicity; occult film and music; the supernatural, the extraterrestrial and the multi-dimensional; high weirdness in all its many forms."

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Shining a light (photon) on the Nature of Reality.

Physics (from Ancient Greek: "knowledge of nature") is the natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion through space/time. Within physics, a photon is an elementary (subatomic) particle. Photons are currently best explained by quantum mechanics... a fundamental branch of physics which deals with physical phenomena at a nanoscopic level. Like all elementary particles, photons exhibit wave/particle duality… exhibiting properties of both waves and of particles. For example, a single photon may be refracted by a lens or exhibit wave interference with itself, but also act as a particle giving a definite result when its position is measured.

When scientists observe photons, they act like particles… however, when scientists are not looking, these very same photons behave like waves. Slippery little devils! The implication is that on a sub-atomic level, our observance of a phenomenon exerts a fundamental effect on said phenomenon. This implication is so profound as to call into question the very nature of reality.

The study of photons suggest that they only behave (read: exist) as particles, when being watched. When our eyes are not on them… they reveal their essential wave-like nature. Does this imply that we participate in the creation of reality through our observation of it… or that reality exists only when we are observing it?

Modern physicists are beginning to sound and behave more like ancient Zen tricksters, with their paradoxical riddles, than scientists. The following video speaks to the perplexing nature of reality, as it exists on a subatomic level…

It was Margaret Wolfe Hungerford (Aka: The Duchess) who wrote: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." It has since been suggested that “Reality is in the Eye of the Beholder." At the end of the day, we retreat to the age-old tekgnostic tenet that… 

Reality is what you can get away with.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Is "Westernized" meditation following the path of the Sith?

I am sensing a great disturbance in the Force...

Is “Westernized” meditation going down the road of the Dark Side? Is narcissism and self-advancement creeping into what should be a “Gnosis” of transformation and liberation? Are would-be Jedi westerners… in fact training in the ways of the Sith?

In the following article by Jay Michaelson, the most-high, Lama Surya Das suggests that all of us in the West… take a close look at our motivations in meditation. Should we do so, we just might find that our westernized cultural biases have crept in to what should be a profound practice of awakening. Rather than simply “turning off” the mind… perhaps we should be welcoming the ruckus of our materialistic existence and incorporate it into our co-creation with universe, as an integral component of our path to liberation...

Lama Surya Das, the “Buddha from Brooklyn,” is one of the handful of Westerners who have been teaching meditation for decades. And yet, he says we’re doing it wrong.

“So many people seem to be moving narcissistically... conditioned by our culture, doubtless... into self-centered happiness-seeking and quietism, not to mention the use of mindfulness for mere effectiveness,” ...he said. True meditation, he said, generates wisdom and compassion, which may be very disquieting, at least in the short term.

Born Jeffrey Miller, Surya Das has had a spiritual journey that is remarkable in its breadth. He was given the name “Surya Das” by the Indian guru Neem Karoli Baba, made famous by Ram Dass more than 40 years ago. But Surya Das shifted gears in the early 1970s to Tibetan Buddhism, subsequently completing two three-year silent meditation retreats and becoming one of the first Westerners to be authorized as a Tibetan lama.

Surya Das & Ram Dass
At the time, meditation was still considered pretty weird: foreign, exotic, hippie-ish. Now it’s everywhere. Meditation... especially mindfulness, which trains the mind to observe nonjudgmentally and attentively... has gone mainstream. In secular forms, it’s now widespread in health care, education, the corporate world, even the military. Each year, 1 million Americans take up the practice for the first time.

Surya Das is not entirely happy about that. “Mindful divorce, mindful parenting, mindful TV,” he complained. “Why not mindful sniping, poaching, or mindful waiting to find the opportunity to take advantage of and exploit someone when there’s a chink in their armor?”

Moreover, he said, because of the way meditation is taught, many people think they can’t do it. “’Quiet your mind’ or ‘calm and clear your mind’ are instructions I hear way too much. Some teachers actually encourage people to try to stop thinking, when in fact meditative awareness means being mindful of thoughts and feelings, not simply trying to reduce, alter or white them out and achieve some kind of oblivion.”

What’s missing? In his new book, Make Me One With Everything(the answer to a well-worn Buddhist joke: “What did the Zen monk say to the hot dog vendor?”), Surya Das argues for a return to the original purpose of Buddhist meditation: not relaxation, but liberation. The goal, he said, is “to genuinely learn how to gain direct access to Oneness, wholeness, completeness, integration with all the parts of themselves and life.”

“All the parts” is a crucial ingredient. In “Make Me One,” he proposes what he calls “co-meditation” ...not trying to find a quiet “moment of Zen” apart from the messy, noisy world of work, family and children, but inviting all of the noise into meditation. That is indeed unorthodox in a contemporary context. But it is also part of the ancient Tibetan tradition known as Lojong, which often features elaborate visualizations... not quieting down and following the breath. Indeed, many of the book’s unusual meditation practices... sky-gazing, gardening, meditation for couples, and wild neologisms including Presencing, Convergitation and Momitation... are based on Surya Das’ years of studying and translating esoteric Tibetan teaching tales.

“It’s the same transformative and liberating essence, yet I think it’s pretty new for almost everyone today,” he said. “The anti-intellectual meditators, thought-swatters and imagination-suppressors have long ruled meditation-oriented circles in the West. But authentic meditative practices can enhance and even unleash the creativity and imagination.”

One benefit of these practices is that you don’t have to quiet the mind to do them. “It’s helpful for people who think they can’t meditate because they can’t sit still and think less. That ain’t the point.”

Still, bringing more noise into one’s meditation practice is diametrically opposed to the popular conception of meditation as calming and quieting. Surya Das calls that “the old New Age, self-growth, self-development, self-improvement emphasis — trying to use meditation to get away from it all. We need to erode the Grand Canyon-like gulf we see today between self and other, us and them, inner and outer, and even body and mind, body and soul, heaven and hell, liking and disliking, to realize the great equanimity of what is called in Tibetan Buddhism One Taste, and what others call unity vision, oneness, third-eye vision and the like.”

You may have already noticed that Surya Das speaks in long, often hilarious sentences, filled with puns and jokes. This rhetorical style is of a piece with his conceptual point — that awakening isn’t some calm, blissed-out state but is being at home with every state of mind, including the rapid-fire speech of a born-and-bred New Yorker.

For example, here’s how he summarizes the key teaching of the book, complete with 13 adjectives, 10 nouns and 11 verbs...

“Can I say that this book presents, elucidates, rationalizes and instructs, in the extraordinary American-Buddhism’s fresh and newly minted, jargon-free, straight talkin’, practical and flexible, adaptable, personal and integratable, nonsectarian organic ways for a whole new way of meditating, with tips and pointers to find your own way and authentic practice style, thus avoiding many, if not most, of the obstacles and hindrances, doubts and distractions practitioners so often face and stumble upon?”

Sure you can.

There’s a refreshing honesty in this iconoclastic approach. Whatever awakening is, surely it has something to do with authenticity. And for some of us, authenticity is fast-talking, free-associating and full of sound and fury.

Or as Surya Das himself put it, “It can become obnoxious, I know, but I’m a folksy, campy, backyard bodhisattva-from-Brooklyn kinda guy, what can I say?”

(Jay Michaelson is a contributing editor to The Daily Beast and the author of “Evolving Dharma: Meditation, Buddhism and the Next Generation of Enlightenment.”)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Purge III - Bedlam in Baltimore

Chaos ruled the streets of Baltimore, Maryland on Monday night, April 27th, 2015. Violent protests broke out after the funeral for Freddie Gray, who died under mysterious circumstances, of a severe spinal cord injury while in police custody. In the ensuing riots, there were over 200 arrests, 144 vehicle fires and 15 structure fires in what has been popularly called Baltimore’s Purge.

Modern media pounced upon the term "purge" as it was widely reported by the national press that rioting at a Baltimore shopping mall and elsewhere on Monday afternoon, started amid rumors… spread on social media… of a "purge" initiated by large groups of “wilding” high school students. As many of you know, use of the word "purge" is a reference to 2013's "The Purge" and its sequel, last year's "The Purge: Anarchy"

The Baltimore Sun reported that a flier, circulating amongst students via social media, touted a "purge" scheduled to begin Monday at 3 p.m. at the Mondawmin Mall …and then proceed downtown. The flier included an image of protesters smashing the windshield of a Baltimore City police car, from Saturday’s protests. On Saturday, over 2,000 protesters marched to Baltimore's City Hall to condemn the death of 25-year-old black man Freddie Gray. Gray was pronounced dead on April 19, after suffering a spinal injury while in Baltimore Police Department custody a week earlier. 

Riots resulting from Gray’s death is the most recent and troubling example wherein pop culture influences real life. First we had the copycat lone-wolf “Joker” shooter at the Aurora, Colorado theater… now life imitating (pop) art escalates in a mass imitation of the Purge films…

The Purge SCI FI series plotline revolves around a dystopian future America where on one day each year… all laws are suspended for a 12-hour period. During that time, all crimes, including murder, become temporarily legal. The "New Founding Fathers of America" have come to power following an economic collapse and have instituted totalitarian rule. In their wisdom, they have also established a one night a year “Purge” sacrificial ritual. All crime is legal and all police, fire and medical emergency services remain unavailable for 12 hours… from 7 pm till 7 am the next day.

The New Founding Fathers market this sanctioned mayhem as a catharsis… a purification ritual that has resulted in both crime and unemployment rates plummeting to 1%. The Purge has consequently contributed to a strong American economy, as reported to an unsuspecting population. Although it is thought to be used as an act of cathartic cleansing for the populace, in reality, it is used as a method of artificial population control. The new U.S. underclass… people living in poor areas… people who have fallen out of the old middle class and into poverty… are the main targets, as they cannot afford protection or insulation from the ensuing violence.

Obviously, this plotline has deeply troubling similarities to real life Baltimore. Coincidentally, the movie Purge takes place on March 21, 2022… within 2 calendar days of the death of Gray and subsequent outbreak of the Baltimore rioting. Such spooky similarity takes on significant import, as the very nature of synchronicity can be defined as: meaningful coincidence. These connections are the proverbial “cosmic triggers” that act as warning signs to those who pay attention to such things.

The Baltimore State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby… standing alone in front of the mass media, without support of the Mayor or the Governor… announced the criminal charges against the six police officers involved in Gray’s wrongful death. This action has significantly raised the stakes in acts of civil disobedience, across America. Mosby represents an expectation of justice for the disenfranchised and the dispossessed. Mosby puts a face to the outrage over the militarization of police, the erosion of civil liberty and the perceived targeting of black youth.

The situation in Baltimore also sheds light on the wider issue of incarceration rates in America. As you all know, the United States has the world’s highest incarceration rate. About 2.4 million people live behind bars in America… the highest number in the world. That's a little more than 0.7% of the population and more than 700 for every 100,000 people. Ethnically, Blacks in America are imprisoned 5 times more often than Whites and twice more often than Latinos.

The erosion of civil liberties in the United States of “Amerika” is as horrific as any plot from DC Comics or the Purge films. Our loss of liberty is as profound as any dark knight fantasy or any Sci Fi dystopia. Things are about as bad as it gets… and apparently getting worse. Our beloved “land of the free” Ain’t so free… ya gotta pay to play. That why the kids of Baltimore were burning and looting… they can’t afford Nike shoes, any more than they can afford justice.

In a way, the most symbolic video clip from Baltimore was the burning and looting of the local ACE Cash Express… one of the most notorious payday lenders in the country. Payday lending is one of the most despicable and predatory examples of Amerika’s decent into dystopia. It is a most vile capitalist ploy, designed to keep the new Amerikan underclass “beneath the boot” of the new ruling class. There is an undeniable “poetic justice” in the ransacking of ACE Cash Express. Any business that profits from the unjust propagation of poverty and indebtedness… entrapping Amerika’s poor… needs to be exposed for what it is… modern slavery.

No this is not an endorsement for violence… but the rioting kids in Baltimore know the score.

We use the term Amerika, to contrast what we are experiencing today, versus the old “land of the free” America. In modern Amerika, there is no American Dream. The opportunity for our kids to be better off than we were… is slipping away. Remember… our kids are not just those we gave birth to… those we love, protect and do our best to set an example for. Our kids also live in Baltimore. Our kids also live in Ferguson.

We are all in this together.

In the meantime… the symbolic and synchronistic warning signs continue to present themselves in modern media. Technologies such as the video functionality of smart phones, allow for “citizen journalists” to expose otherwise un-recorded and un-reported atrocity. These citizen reporters will make sure that “events on the ground” will be published in modern social media… perhaps our last/best opportunity to strike back against the evil empire.

Stay alert… watch the signs… constant vigilance!