Friday, October 11, 2019

Extinction Rebellion - Savior or Death Cult?

To commemorate the one year anniversary of their inaugural call to action, those rascally environmental activists, Extinction Rebellion launched their International Rebellion Campaign on October 7th, 2019. As the discerning reader of this blog knows, Extinction Rebellion (XR) is an environmental pressure group with the stated aim of using non-violent, civil disobedience to compel government action on climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse.

Founded in May of 2018 in the UK, an initial group of 100 academics, horrified at humanity’s seeming indifference to what has been called the sixth mass extinction or: Anthropocene Extinction, XR published their 3 demands…

1) Tell the truth
Government must tell the truth by declaring a climate and ecological emergency, working with other institutions to communicate the urgency for change.

2) Act Now
Government must act now to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025.

3) Beyond Politics
Government must create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice.

The XR contingent in the US of A added a fourth demand to the Extinction Rebellion manifesto...

"We demand a just transition that prioritizes the most vulnerable people and indigenous sovereignty; establishes reparations and remediation led by and for Black people, Indigenous people, people of color and poor communities for years of environmental injustice, establishes legal rights for ecosystems to thrive and regenerate in perpetuity, and repairs the effects of ongoing ecocide to prevent extinction of human and all species, in order to maintain a livable, just planet for all."

XR’s various “Operations” have drawn both praise and criticism from various critics. Some say that XR is an elitist, upper middle-class Death Cult, hell-bent on hounding us back into the stone age…

“This is a millenarian movement that might speak of science, but which is driven by sheer irrationalism. By fear, moral exhaustion and misanthropy. This is the deflated, self-loathing bourgeoisie coming together to project their own psycho-social hang-ups on to society at large. They must be criticised and ridiculed out of existence.”

“What is most astonishing about the Extinction Rebellion phenomenon is what an easy ride these people get in the media and from political types. They are treated as wise and radical defenders of reason and the future. Please. These people are a menace to good sense, rationality, truth and progress. Their predictions of hellfire if we don't cut carbon emissions by 2025 are pure bunkum. They lie and spread fear and disrupt hard-working people's lives.”

Others say that XR may be annoying, but they have a point…

“Some people will inevitably dismiss Extinction Rebellion protesters as troublemakers and criminals. But their actions must be assessed against the big picture. The world’s best climate scientists overwhelmingly agree that if global warming is not kept below the 1.5℃ limit, Earth’s natural and human systems will suffer dire consequences. The legitimacy of Extinction Rebellion’s disobedience must be weighed against the wrongs that triggered it.”

“As Extinction Rebellion causes chaos in our cities, we must avoid superficial, kneejerk reactions. Whatever your views on civil disobedience, the climate emergency would be far less serious if governments had taken action decades ago. Further inaction will only lead to more numerous and active social movements, driven by the same mixture of love and rage that provoked Extinction Rebellion.”

So are the Extinction Rebels saints or sinners? …righteous activists or death cultists? We leave this question to the discerning reader to decide. However… the tactics employed by XR have all the trappings of a classic Operation MindF#@k! Their use of creativity, street theatre of the absurd and especially non-violence, all are critical components of any good OM…

 From the Operation MindF#@k archives: "It is critical to remember that all types of violence are strictly prohibited in any Mindf#@k operation. Violence is unimaginative and detestable... Use of violence defeats the purpose of any OM, by resorting to the very tactics that are utilized by the brutally repugnant regimes that the Mindf#@k operation seeks to expose."

Such tactics are a most-effective and humorous way at striking back against the Empire. As always, we at Tek-Gnostics advocate a non-violent campaign in any resistance efforts. Never stoop so low as to use the Empire's own dark and sinister methods of tyranny and violence. Be smarter than that. Meet the dominator/predator paradigm with imaginative tactics... and beat them at their own game!


Dennis/87 said...

Lordee,lordee, what does a non-violent activist do when the Jack boots are stomping your face? Taking it to the streets is key. Mass protest, big numbers. Vietnam like protests, massive mobilization!
Perhaps the insane members of the power elite with their profit, Musk, will all go to Mars to live. Perhaps they are terraforming this planet for their reptilian overlords.
Great post Jack Heart! 87

Jack Heart said...


Once you have investigated the Eugene chapter of XR... please report back to this space...

Gratefully... - J ♥

KTV said...

"We demand a just transition that prioritizes the most vulnerable people and indigenous sovereignty; establishes reparations and remediation led by and for Black people..."

Were any "black people" involved in coming up with the 4th?

If so they must direct their desire for "reparations" back to Africa for it is in Africa where they will find the descendents of those who sold their ancestors into bondage in the first place. Not only will they find this they will also find, I say find - but it's no secret, that slavery is alive & well in Africa & that it is black Africans who keep this tradition alive as it has been ongoing for millennia.

But it's not simply their fellows they'll find slaving & being slaved they will also, if they care to acknowledge it (& in my experience blacks do not want to do so), that the Aka, Baka, Ituri & other tribes, referred to as "pygmies" by some, are also made subject to all manner of disgusting privations & humiliations at the hands of the fellow blacks of these aforementioned "black people". These tribes have a more archaic sapien lineage than the black Africans who claim the continent as their own yet are treated abysmally, not a word from "XR" about these folk who live a life that makes the "off grid", "sustainable living" & "transition" movements look like the idle triflings of a dilettante clique.

Then there's Africa's 4bn* population by century's end, if human beings are the cause of environmental problems, & clearly we are when it comes to certain matters, then 4bn Africans are not going to contributing to any solutions, especially when, what with the plans openly touted to make Europe & Africa an "economic zone" of billion+ "consumers" (referred to as such by MEP Guy Verhofstadt in a tweet celebrating this possibility), so many of these Africans would be gifted access to Europe & they won't be living in harmony with the Earth when they do this & nor will any of their very many children, "high fertility" is what this is latter aspect is referred to but this is a misnomer to even call it highly irresponsible doesn't do the behaviour justice: it is setting up a slaughter & collapse unlike anything the world has ever seen.

Of course none of the above means anything to "Extinction Rebellion" & why would it? If they cared at all about "the environment", "Mother Earth" - humanity even, their focus & tactics would be quite different & at least in one respect: Roger Hallam wouldn't be driving his car from town hall meeting to town hall meeting here in England - what an absurd farce!

(*U.N. statistic based on current population growth projection.)

Jack Heart said...

KTV... In that 4th demand, penned (as I understand it) by the U.S. XR... they lead the statement, prioritizing vulnerable and indigenous populations. Also, they demand to establish "legal rights for ecosystems to thrive and regenerate in perpetuity."

As the PTB in the U. S. have already established legal status for (non-corporeal) entities (ie: corporations), via the Citizens United ruling... it would seem only fair that naturally occurring ecosystems are afforded the same legal status...

KTV said...

It's a display of weakness to ask those reigning down from what they see as on high to once again please this time finally come to their senses & desist in the interests of (that presented as) a collective "greater good". The PTB doesn't even find such behaviour mildly diverting - its considered further proof of the necessity for their machination - those begging for "change/action" considered no better deserving of anything other than the contempt proscribed the rest of "the great unwashed" - "the useless eaters", the "cattle" that which must "know their place" - otherwise pre-occupied with the drudgery/leisure time cycle too "busy working to go out & protest".

"XR" is given carte blanche to do what it will, or rather do what the PTB wills it to do, that this is not reflected on by the foot soldiers of this initiative is telling. When it rolls up outside the Bank of England in the City of London blocking pavements & roads, as they did this past week ("blocked" but they barely manage to do so & there's nothing stopping their removal from the byways & highways supposedly occupied - chanting "Ooooooommmmmm" doesn't deflect the authority larpers once the ordered to arrest/disperse the crowd comes down the pipe), & these "activists" try to superglue themselves to the road, set up huddles of tents/"sound systems" on bridges dressed with banners - all in the claimed interest of "saving" Earth from humanity - the display brings to mind disaster preparedness simulations/'terror drills' - the truth what's going on is clarified: it's performative but participated in sans awareness as to the absurdity of their position. Combine this with the detritus left in the wake of their "protests" & what's emphasised is a lack of care to alter the subverted & perverted heart of the whatthey engage in. "XR" being openly anti-human, just like the globalist apparatus it claims to oppose, the cognitive dissonance at work isn't a mystery.

Greta Thunberg, calling on "XR" "demonstrators to defy a police order banning them from protesting in London", embodies what's going on. She is a child openly subject to abuse by & in front of state & supposed anti-state agents, this abuse, celebrated as necessary & inspiring by accessories, makes clear it's children who are the target, once again - as they always are by predators, as part of yet another psyop facet of the full spectrum war in concert with the myriad other assaults they're subject to. It's children who are told (as with "Brexit", "Trump"...) that their "future" has been "stolen" & that those tasked with ensuring their lives are free of unnecessary trauma are letting them down in the worst way possible. "How dare you!" says Greta, indeed how dare those who subjecting her to these abuses now elevated as globalised media spectacle, this child serving as model for her fellow youths to defend & emulate so as to "save" Earth acts as vector for global predation. Where is anyone intervening to ensure she's no longer the face of this disgusting machination? What does this tell children to embrace without hesitation? Something horrendous & evil.

KTV said...

If "XR" & the sporing legion of Earth Firsters truly believed that humanity were the cause of Earth ruination they'd display their commitment to this notion by taking their own lives, that would be a gesture of actual real world application & effect which would have a knock-on consequence for how the broader society operated & viewed itself, yet they do no such thing & why would they when there's partying to be had on some urban artery & tut tuting & finger wagging to be gesticulated at some office building or a train to sit on top of at the height of "rush hour"?

The course of action that would come to collectively effect our societies, resulting in actual positive & lasting change - transforming things for the better for our species & those we share this Earth with - would be for all "XR" types, & the rest of us, to be active in our own home communities reconnecting anew with ways & means of disentangling ourselves from globalising machination - actually making real communities rather than herds of housed zombies pharmed for profit by globalism among whom some of dye their hair etc to supposedly get one over 'the man'. This would mean not acquiescing to the paramilitary goon squad (& its more "friendly faced" counterparts) of said entity when they will inevitably roll up to attempt to infiltrate & subvert, crack heads & turn these efforts to the service of reinforcing said globalist entity (all whilst putting on a show of acting in opposition), it would mean standing truly as one & not allowing "figureheads" to be snatched, detained & "processed" for "they can't arrest all of us". Acting in this way a foundation would be laid upon which the human legacy has better chance of being for the better & not the worse. I understand saying this is much easier than achieving it, to think otherwise I may as well be "protesting" among the ranks of "XR", but nothing worthwhile comes easy & this means has not been given close to a fair shake - it takes actual dedication & effort to even begin to get this ball rolling & continuing to commit to this work & nurture its actualisation & not be misdirected by going on a "jolly" & having a "sit-in" in a capital city.

That "XR" etc do not do this, "XR" in particular dedicating themselves to getting as many of their number arrested as possible - as Roger Hallam has openly stated is his aim, emphasises this movement is the opposite of good - people die in police custody (but if this happens for any "XR" warrior it will contribute to a fall in population so let's look on the bright side!) that no amount of spin, repeatedly put out as attempted celebration of its fraudulently presented good works, can obfuscate glamoured in ersatz worthy.

Jack Heart said...

KTV... Your comments pertaining to GT paint a picture of the sacrificial lamb, brought before the alter (voluntarily or otherwise) of the globalised media powers… an anciently reoccurring offering… damn the blood-thirsty desert religions!

Suggesting that the Earth-Firster types take their own life, might be a little over the top… besides, by virtue of being born, we paid for our tickets to the madhouse carnival ride called earth… please keep your seats until the ride comes to a complete stop!

Per your statement: “The course of action that would come to collectively effect our societies, resulting in actual positive & lasting change - transforming things for the better for our species & those we share this Earth with - would be for all "XR" types, & the rest of us, to be active in our own home communities reconnecting anew with ways & means of disentangling ourselves from globalising machination” (note: I also liked your: “pharmed for profit” line… very clever!)

I offer a quote from the Great Oregon Poet, Gary Snyder… “Find your place on the planet… dig in… and take responsibility from there.”

Also, as food for thought, here’s another quote from Snyder: “Doom scenarios, even though they might be true, are not politically or psychologically effective. The first step . . . is to make us love the world rather than to make us fear for the end of the world.”

KTV said...

Regarding EFers offing themselves that this isn't admitted to as solution to the problem (as they see it) is telling. The global experiment they contribute to does act upon life as a whole as an accelerating slow-kill though.

The "pharmed" line was Fort inspired.

As for ways & means of living unsullied by corruption, if we don't put ourselves out there shopping for a bargain & make a deal for sevices rendered we won't get buyer's remorse.