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Chapel Perilous - Pt 3

From Part Two of this series... "Once through the doors, it is best not to linger in Chapel Perilous. Just as in Friedrich Nietzsche's abyss, if you stare into the Chapel for long enough, something starts to stare back. Who knows what psychic critters lurk within the Chapel? Pass through… don’t make eye contact… you don’t want to catch someone’s (or something’s) eye. Just keep walking until you reach the other side."

Chapel Perilous Part 3
Should the doors of Chapel Perilous unexpectedly burst open… the ever-resourceful intelligence engineer may resort to the Tekgnostic Crux exercise, as outlined in chapter four. This emergent yoga may provide the immediate calm focus needed to cross the threshold to the higher, more rarified headspaces to come. In so doing, incorporate the following mantras for each circuit…

Circuit one… “I am safe”
Circuit two… “I am emotionally safe”
Circuit three… “I am interactively safe”
Circuit four… “I am on a path with Heart”
Circuit five… “I am psychedelically safe”
Circuit six… “I am synchronistically safe”
Circuit seven… “I am transcendentally safe”
Circuit eight… “I am one with Universe”

The key to surviving and deriving benefit from the process is: preparation. The ancient mystery cults sought to institutionalize the process within their teachings. Through their study, through their progression through the various degrees of learning and initiation, initiates were afforded a background of knowledge that both aided and comforted them through their dark night of the soul ordeal.

It is widely believed by scholars that the secret ceremonies and initiations of the ancient mystery cults, such as the “Greater Eleusinian Mysteries” involved the ingestion of specific substances or compounds that had entheogenic properties. The Eleusinian mysteries are believed to have used a substance called kykeon, variously described as having transformative (read: psychedelic) properties. In their ancient organization, the mystery cults of antiquity sought to not only institutionalize the process within their teachings, they sought to codify, guide and otherwise control the traumatic process/ordeal of the dark night of the soul.

The mystery cults sought, through initiation and ceremony… to assist their initiates in an organized “death of the ego” …an orderly, guided tour of Chapel Perilous. They sought, through entheogenic revelation, to guide the initiates beyond the valley of the shadow, to their ecstatic rebirth. This may be the path of the cult… the original, intended path of religion… but it is not the path of the shaman. The shamanic path is ultimately a solitary one.

To stand at the doors of Chapel Perilous is to stand alone. Just as in the moment of one’s actual death, ego death can only be realized by “self.” The lessons learned upon exiting the Chapel, the alchemical “turning silver to gold” is the precious boon. It is the buried treasure, the magical elixir… heretical grail… that is bestowed upon the solitary courageous intelligence engineer. This moment of transformation is a conspiracy between you and Universe alone… with that which shall remain nameless.

In concluding our glimpse of Chapel Perilous, a reminder… This inevitable moment of doubt comes to all who question the meaning of existence. The psychonautic quest to explore the fringes of reality inevitably lead to the dark Chapel. We all must face and pass through the valley of the shadow. In our very questioning, we all must overcome existential fear and doubt. This ordeal comes with the territory.

And so, having been so tempered… so transformed… having been illuminated in the excruciatingly beautiful ways of Universe… having been bestowed the grail… the intelligence engineer’s job is but half done. Once the peak of the proverbial mountain has been reached, the intrepid trekker must navigate the descent of the mountain. The adventurer, with boon in hand, must make the return trip and survive to tell the tale. For it is in the telling… that the ways of Universe are revealed to clan and kin.

Note: The above is the third and final excerpt from the chapter on Chapel Perilous. Much more on the Eight Circuits of Consciousness and the Tek-Gnostic Yogic Crux may be found in Jack Heart's "Applied Tek-Gnostics - A Field Guide for the Collective Conscious."  ...This title is available now on Amazon, in paper and electronic editions. Find the link below...

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