Friday, May 26, 2017

Contact Aftermath

After Five days and nights of desert camping on the outskirts of Joshua Tree National Forest, at the fifth annual Contact in the Desert, the charismatic Agent 87 & I returned to Oregon Territory. Zappa’s “Inca Roads” reverberated from the car stereo.

“Was it round? and did it have a motor?… or was it something different?”

After five days, the terrain and temperature had taken its toll. We needed to see mountains again… mountains and conifers.

The event was a resounding, synchronistic success. Many meaningful coincidences… occult encounters… esoteric conversations. We were able to meet some of our favorite luminaries and make new friends, amidst the desert sands and cosmic debris.

There is much to sort out from this phenomenal event… new information to process and integrate… new tales of wonder to formulate. More contemplation is needed, in order to fully develop a detailed cultural ethnography. As we process and collate the mysterious events of CITD, we will publish a series of reports on this weblog… so stay tuned dear friends and acquaintances! Stay tuned…  

In the meantime… here is something different for your viewing pleasure. Check out the following video from Dark Journalist. Yet another, shall we say, interesting perspective on UFO, SSP and CITD, from the world of high weirdness. Strange days indeed!

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