Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lunar Bases on the Dark Side of the Sync-o-Sphere!

While campaigning in Florida in preparation for that State’s GOP presidential primary election, Newt Gingrich attempted to bribe Florida voters by implying that, as president, he would not only return to the moon, but oversee its colonization:

"By the end of my second term, we will have the first permanent base on the moon...
and it will be American…" 

Gingrich went on to say that when 13,000 Americans are living on the moon, they can petition for statehood.

It is undeniable that the 2012 GOP race has gone completely Wacko… that with more than two dozen GOP debates, the republicans have turned the election process into a (very successful) reality show. I keep expecting Jeff Probst to come out at the end of each debate and inform the low-man on the GOP totem pole, that… “the tribe has spoken...”

In an incredible plot twist, Steven Colbert single handedly knocked out two viable candidates in one week! Colbert’s bid for South Carolina caused both Governors Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry to withdraw from the GOP presidential race. Guess neither candidate wanted to receive fewer votes in South Carolina’s primary than a comedian… but I digress… back to the moon.

Gingrich’s lunar remarks took off like a Saturn V rocket, and were immediately picked up by the press around the world. Talk of a lunar colony took the media by firestorm and was a major topic at the subsequent GOP debate in Jacksonville. Next thing you know… Sarah Palin is on Fox News commenting on Gingrich’s lunacy… in her defense of Gingrich, she indicated that there are a lot of “way more wacky things” that our government is spending our tax dollars on… like cowboy poetry in Nevada!

Out here on the fringes of the sync-o-sphere, talk of lunar bases has been circulating for some time. Perhaps Newt hasn’t heard the news… about secret lunar bases on the dark side of the moon… Back in May of 2011, the People Powered website, Before It’s News published an article entitled: “Claim: Secret American Base Discovered on Moon.” What follows is an excerpt…

'Although the Office of Naval Intelligence and other Pentagon departments believe that the (lunar) bases are not of Earth origin, the preponderance of evidence suggests they were built by humans within the past few decades and were constructed with some of the $40 trillion that's been funneled into the military and intelligence communities' black projects since the mid-1960s.

Rumors in the aerospace industry and the US Air Force have circulated for years about a separate, secret space program. The visible program run by NASA was for public consumption, while the real work… and the focus of the nation's national security interests… was done under cover.

Some at Lockheed insinuate that the fourth generation Aurora has full space capabilities, but the smart money is placed on the black platforms that many around the globe have been reporting as UFOs.

Among the exotic space capable craft that may well be ferrying military personnel between the Earth and Lunar bases is the TR-3b. The designation is not the official military name, but one that has been "assigned" to the mystery craft by aerospace insiders that have been kept out of the need-to-know loop.

The TR-3b has been seen by witnesses leaving or arriving at some USAF bases such as Scott Air Force base in Missouri and Wright-Patterson in Ohio.

The craft is utterly silent, stealthy, and is not designed to fly through the atmosphere. Many witnesses describe the platform as gliding and swiveling when it changes vector. The frame is not an airfoil and it does not bank when it turns, it just points its nose in the new direction when it changes its vector.

As the new space programs of India, Japan and China continue to ramp up more information on the mysterious lunar base may be revealed.'

There are many more variations of the secret lunar bases theory swirling around in the sync-o-sphere. Such conspiracy theories can be considered or not, as one sees fit… if for no better reason than entertainment purposes.

The question that IS worth entertaining, however, is… why did the politically motivated and transparent stump speech of a washed-up GOP candidate resonate so deeply… catch fire so quickly… with the press? Why now? Was the story of a desperate politician pandering to voters in Florida, a State that recently lost hundreds, if not thousands of jobs with the closure of NASA’s shuttle program… really what caught the world’s imagination? Why did the media’s attention get captured so completely by talk of moon bases and a return to space?

The question of what resonates with the global media… with the collective consciousness of the planet… is vastly interesting to those who tune in and pay attention to synchronistic events. What resonates… and the timing of when and why it resonates… appear to be somehow tied to the “Big Picture” of the future (fate) of Earth and all who ride upon her. What catches our collective attention and why?

It was Albert Einstein who said… “God does not play dice with the Universe.” His point was not pertaining to God… it was in reference to the craziness of quantum mechanics. It is that craziness… that unpredictable connectedness… that is at the heart of Synchromysticism. What is it that ties two or more seemingly unrelated events together? How do these events combine to form an integrated experience of meaning, the sum total of which is greater, more significant, than its parts? In the final analysis… it’s not the what… or even the how… it’s the WHY.

What does all this talk of synchromysticism have to do with lunar bases and/or Newt Gingrich? I don’t know… nothing, probably. Perhaps if we all pay attention to the continued, seemingly unrelated references to the moon or other lunar-related topics in the media-stream… perhaps if we keep our collective ear to the ground… listening for the distant rumblings of a rocket launching… bound for the sync-o-sphere… perhaps then all will become clear. Stay tuned!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cowboy Psychedelica – Kesey & the Superhero Mythos

The current fantasy… yes... just Kesey and a couple of Merry Pranksters left on the Bus... a tape drones on… in a weird voice, full of Ouija-whammy: 

“the blissful counterstroke ... a considerable new message ... a considerable new message... the current fantasy.” 

Fantasy is a word Kesey has taken to using more and more, for all sorts of plans, ventures, world views and ambitions… it is a good word… it is ironic… and it isn't. It takes a rare kind... Because always comes the moment when it's time to take the Prankster circus further on toward Edge City. And always at that point some good souls are startled… Hey, wait! 

Kesey can remember them all, people who thought he was great so long as his fantasy coincided with theirs. But every time he pushed on further… and he always pushed on further… they became confused and resentful… The tape winds on: 

“the blissful counterstroke... through workhorse and intercourse... the blood that was available to him in intercourse... made us believe he was in the apple sauce for twenty years.” 

Only lucky dogs and Merry Pranksters can understand this supersonic warble! Most likely… the blissful counterstroke… The current fantasy… but how to tell them?

About such arcane little matters as Captain Marvel and The Flash ... and The Life… and the very Superkids... a considerable new message . . . the blissful counter-stroke?

But of course! The feeling… out here at night, free, with the motor running and the adrenaline flowing, cruising in the neon glories of the new American night. It was very Heaven to be the first wave of the most extraordinary kids in the history of the world… only 15, 16, 17 years old… dressed in the haute couture of pink Oxford shirts, sharp pants, snaky half-inch belts, fast shoes—with all this Straight-6 and V-8 power underneath and all this neon glamour overhead, which somehow tied in with the technological super-heroics of the jet, TV, atomic subs, ultra-sonics… Postwar American suburbs… glorious world!

And the hell with the intellectual bad-mouthers of America's tailfin civilization... they couldn't know what it was like or else they had it cultivated out of them… the feeling… to be very Superkids! The world's first generation of the little devils… feeling immune, beyond calamity. One's parents remembered the sloughing common order, War & Depression. But Superkids knew only the emotional surge of the great payoff, when nothing was common any longer…

The Life! A glorious place, a glorious age, I tell you! A very Neon Renaissance… and the myths that actually touched you at that time… not Hercules, Orpheus, Ulysses, and Aeneas… but Superman, Captain Marvel, Batman, The Human Torch, The Sub-Mariner, Captain America, Plastic Man, The Flash… but of course! What did they think it was… quaint? 

When Kesey talked about the comic-book Superheroes as the honest American myths? It was a fantasy world already… this electro-pastel world of Mom & Dad & Buddy & Sis… in the suburbs. There they go, in the family car, a white Pontiac Bonneville sedan… the family car! A huge crazy god-awful powerful fantasy creature to begin with… 327 horsepower, shaped like twenty-seven nights of lubricious luxury brougham seduction… you're already there, in Fantasyland, so why not move off your smug-harbor quilty-bed dead center and cut loose… go ahead and say it… Shazam! Juice it up to what it's already aching to be: 327,000 horsepower, a whole superhighway long and soaring, screaming on toward... 

Edge City… and ultimate fantasies, current and future... Billy Batson said Shazam! and turned into Captain Marvel. Jay Garrick inhaled an experimental gas in the research lab... and began traveling and thinking at the speed of light as... The Flash… the current fantasy… Yes.

- Excerpt from Tom Wolfe’s “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.”

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Yankee and Cowboy Psychedelic War - pt 1

Since before it’s founding in 1776, the history of America’s colonization and expansion is one of embattled ideologies… competing for dominance and control of the American socio-political landscape. Indeed, what was to become the United States of America was born of violent revolution against the British Empire. Other illustrations of colliding American ideologies include: Settlers (european invaders) vs Native Tribes (indigenous population), North (yankee) vs South (rebel), Democrat (jackass) vs Republican (elephant), etc. A contemporary, albeit slightly more obscure example of such dichotomy is what can be referred to as the clash between the Eastern Yankee and the Western Cowboy.

In 1976 Carl Oglesby published a book entitled: The Yankee and Cowboy War: Conspiracies from Dallas to Watergate. In that book, Oglesby outlines one version of the concept that there exists in the United States, a power struggle between the East Coast, Ivy League, powers-that-be, Yankee establishment, pedigreed old money… and the West Coast, Nuevo riche, big oil, silicon valley, Cowboy cabal, upstart new money. Oglesby argued that the seemingly unrelated events of Dallas (1963), Memphis (1968), Watergate (1972)… even the demise of the Howard Hughes empire… are all tied together in a vast conspiracy whereby one power elite attempts to overthrow and replace the other.

These monumental events of US history, viewed from the perspective of The Yankee and Cowboy war, take on new and interesting nuances concerning “who is really pulling the strings” in American politics of power. Seemingly unrelated events “fall into place” in light of the possibility of an East Coast-West Coast power elite struggle. As in all good conspiracies, there potentially exist multiple factions… indeed factions within factions… in each power elite camp. Possible factions include… the mob, the CIA, organized labor, Goldman Sachs, the high tech industry, the Heritage Foundation, the Hollywood establishment, NASA, the Supreme Court… the list goes on.

The question becomes… which faction is battling for which power elite? Are they loyal and under what circumstances do they switch sides? For instance, what clandestine role does NASA play in its off-world operations and is NASA Yankee controlled… or does it align with Cowboy high tech? And is high tech Cowboy? Oh what a tangled web. There is enough fodder in Oglesby’s Yankee-Cowboy theory to keep any respectable conspiracy theorist busy for many a computer screen lit, search-engine driven night.

Contemporary political issues especially post 9/11, take on a more sinister shade, given Oglesby’s premise. What black ops organizations were put into play in the name of Homeland Security… devoid of any congressional oversight… in the days and weeks that followed 9/11? The ramifications of Top Secret America suggest a splintering of motivations of these cabals, rather than a unified America standing up to international terrorism. The puzzle pieces of contemporary American politics suddenly re-arrange in interesting ways.

The current election cycle alone is mind-bending within a Yankee-Cowboy war scenario. In light of the above, we encourage the curious to dig deeper into this theory… yet our interest is focused upon another, more arcane facet of the Yankee-Cowboy power struggle. We suggest that during the exact same time-line as Oglesby’s East-West discord, there existed a co-occurring and deeper struggle, waged for the very soul of America… especially the American youth. This was a deeper struggle in the sense that its influence went beyond political, into the cultural and psychological… dare we say archetypical… framework of American consciousness.

Amid the socio-political turmoil of the era, there was in America, a lotus-blossoming of philosophical and spiritual inner exploration. This was fueled in part by the availability to the Western World, of materials on comparative religions of the East, especially those of Buddhism and Hinduism. Interest in Theosophy from the previous century, along with the works of Herman Hesse, Aldus Huxley and Alan Watts added fuel to the fire of what was to become the new Western spiritual quest. If Eastern spiritualism was a figurative fuel to a philosophic fire, psychoactive substances, most notably LSD-25 was like gasoline thrown onto the flame.

LSD-25… that hideous/wondrous trickster… that two-faced creator/destroyer Shiva, sipping soma from a goblet made of human scull… pearlescent jewel of day-glow night-light… perfectly (both literally and metaphorically) encapsulated for the West in the form of a little pill. Enlightenment in a bottle… conveniently manufactured for the West by the alchemists at Sandoz laboratories.

Mirroring the dichotomy of the Eastern and Western philosophical tradition… born of it… was the distinctly American manifestation of a psychedelic cultural revolution. The term psychedelic is derived from the Greek words psihi and diloun… which translates to soul manifesting. The American East Coast approached psychedelia in a distinctly different manner that did the American West. Yankees and Cowboys… Each coast had its unique spin on the burgeoning psychedelic culture, complete with holy places, heroes and villains.

The East Coast lineup included such lysergic luminaries as the “Cambridge Three” ie: Drs Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert and Ralph Metzner, all professors at the pride of the Ivy League: Harvard University. While at Harvard, beginning in 1960, the good doctors conducted research on the effects of psychoactive substances. This study was known as the Harvard Psilocybin Project. Leary and Alpert went beyond academia… leaving Harvard… each to establish their own intertwining psychedelic sub-faction. They also colonized the holy psychedelic sanctuary infamously known as Millbrook, thereby defining the East-coast intellectual Yankee psychedelic bloc.

The West Coast bloc consisted, in part, of Oregon Author Ken Kesey, the Merry Pranksters and poet & lyricist Robert Hunter, of Grateful Dead fame. Kesey and Hunter were both indoctrinated into psychedelia by volunteering as research subjects for the CIA backed MK-ULTRA experiments involving LSD-25 and other psychedelic drugs. This covert (and illegal) experimentation commenced in 1959 and continued into the late 1960s at Kesey’s alma mater, the West Coast’s pillar of learning: Stanford University. Kesey’s Acid Tests became the travelling psychedelic circus/temple that defined the West-coast-hippy Cowboy psychedelic bloc.

Kesey's Bus "Furthur"
Synchronistically… both Harvard and Stanford appear to be independently researching psychedelia at approximately the same time… and (coincidentally?) some of the same political factions identified in Oglesby’s book, are also nefariously at work behind the scenes of the psychedelic revolution.

Thus began the Yankee and Cowboy Psychedelic War… a campaign of consciousness… a clash of philosophic strategies on how to "break on through" the doors of perception… more accurately considered a revolution than a war. Interestingly, the origin of the word "War" is from the Old High German: werran, meaning to confuse... for the 60s were necessarily confusing times in America. The innocence of the Eisenhower years were slipping away, even as the military-industrial complex, Ike warned us about... was cranking up.

 In retrospect, the 60s were a high-water mark for American culture, for good or ill. The 60s also marked the true beginning of the new millennium… the new world. The effects of the psychedelic revolution are still being played out today. The so-called counterculture of the 60s was the beginning, the precursor to the social networking of the 21st century. The 60s counterculture was the first reaction, the first response to the industrial-military complex… the machine… or in Kesey’s words…the combine (One Flew over the Cockoo’s Nest). The 60s counterculture was the first "strike against the Empire."

Change of this magnitude takes time. What occurred with Leary, et al on the East Coast and Kesey and company in the West, is much more important than we realize… even today. The seed of psychedelia that was planted then… has germinated… incubated… and quietly blossomed into a global world view… a global mind. The rise and proliferation of personal computing… as a technology of personal freedom… is a now-obvious outcome of the incubator that was the 60s. What occurred then is inextricably tied to who we are now and who we will become. For the psychedelic experience, drugs aside, is the consciousness of the future… and in the words of Ken Kesey…

Yer either on the Bus... or yer off the Bus.”


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Occupy your Mind

We found the following video, left on our doorstep in the night… just like a newborn babe, swaddled in a blanket of hope… of the possibilities of things to come. This babe, obviously abandoned by that bent old villain, 2011… is an inspiration to us… so we share it with you. May baby 2012 bring peace and joy to us all…